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Angela Zaragoza, D.C.
Janis Feichtmeir, L.Ac.

402 8th Ave.
Suite 206C
San Francisco, CA 94118

Tel. 415.661.0608

Angela Zaragoza, D.C.

  • Chiropractic Manipulation
  • Active Release Technique
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanical Analysis of Movement
  • Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Angela Zaragoza, known among her patients for her warm heart and warm hands, is the co-founder of Clouds Rest Healing. Her ability to accurately observe, analyze and clearly communicate the key element of her patients' problems comes from an in-depth study of the anatomy of movement, her practice of Active Release Technique and an instinctual feel for areas of soft tissue binding. Dr. Zaragoza blends the triad of exercise rehab, soft tissue release, and manipulative therapy into a system that is uniquely her own.

Dr. Zaragoza has been practicing in San Francisco since 1991.

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